At Fred’s Properties, a standard has been set to change the entire narrative of the purchase, sales and management of landed properties. We are land professionals who are dedicated to giving customers the most value in the shortest period of time possible.

Interestingly, our services also cut into tenants and property developers representation; we are dedicated to giving customers the best land for their projects be it for personal or business reasons.

At Fred’s Properties, we provide a number of highly-refined programs to satisfy the representational needs of our customers. We offer services such as comparisons of buildings in the same geographical location to give clients an idea of the general cost of buildings in this area. We also organize research and studies to determine the economic conditions of selected areas. This is useful because it gives businesses and companies the economic overview of an area before they move to that marketplace. Furthermore, we offer recommendations when it comes to selecting sites for personal or business reasons. We understand that every location comes with its peculiarities, and this is why we choose to offer an overview of every location.

Our firm has been renowned for an unbeatable track record which places the interests of our clients i.e. tenants above everything else. Our understanding lies in the fact that individuals have unique needs; some pay and manage multiple locations. At Fred’s Properties, this value is instilled into every dealings with our customers.

It is no doubt that Fred’s Properties has the perfect representational packages for tenants. These factors have been proven over the years to be highly effective due to years of practice and effective research and analysis. Our tools for practice, negotiation and research include:

  • An unmatched track record of tenant representation experience
  • Ability to create solutions to the individual needs of tenants or clients
  • Prodigious and expansive market research and insight
  • A team of brilliant, energetic and creative marketing agents
  • A network that affords every client an avenue to get whatever resources they need

In addition to the aforementioned, we currently operate in accordance with a number of incentives which we believe are necessary to adequately represent and satisfy our clients (tenants). These incentives include an allowances improvement, availability of expansion space, an affordable lease rate, spacious parking spaces and a distance that doesn’t come with hassle.

Conclusively, Fred’s Properties has established itself as a reliable and dedicated tenant representative in relation to our affiliation with a broad range of client types. We represent professionals and non-professionals. This was borne due to our framework which accommodates every kind of business, landlord, and of course tenants.